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Write before you think: Spontaneous writing

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Spontaneous writing is an excellent writing exercise to unearth new memories. It is also the simplest. You take a little time - we say seven minutes. Find yourself a comfortable seat. And then begin to write about something, and do not cease before the time runs out. Thou must not only check your thoughts or even cancel words. On the contrary, attempts to write faster than you think. If you come to a halt, write down your thoughts you have then, and then follow them wherever they may lead you too.


Brainstorming means that spontaneously gather ideas. Write down your thoughts and ideas on just one sheet of paper. Thinking just as much after, and not sift out your ideas. Everything that comes into your senses, should reach the paper. You can also make a thread by brainstorming your word network.


If you write in a snapshot, your pictures are blurry at the beginning and are often only apparent when you begin to ask you questions.

Mental images

With simply a thought-picture snapshot is meant by the idea of ??a person.

Letter writing is another chance to all immediately, and to remember his childhood. And a thought is nothing but a letter letter, expressing the thoughts and feelings that are in your heart

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