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Discover new patterns for yourself: The shed snake skin

Gender Transformation: Exploring the body's signals

This exercise works well in groups. But they can also alone carried out by a body-sized mirror. Search. To do this, some advertising pages of ads in which men and women are depicted. Advertising for underwear is just as suitable for cigarette advertising.

Men instead of fathers / mothers rather than women

The following writing exercise can initiate this process. Count out ten attributes of yourself or your partner. If they are standing alone, then choose Properties, which should have a partner for you. On another page write down ten qualities of their opposite sex parent. Compare the two lists. Where they differ, where they are similar? Write for ten minutes about what you learn here.

Flick Flack: Twisted World

Think of a situation in which one group to another in any way harassed or suppressed. Try reversing the situation in which you twist the context to support the oppressed group. Such as seeing a diet center in a society where obesity is a beauty icon?

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