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We look at a few selected text features three different types of scientific text, which differ significantly from each other in their style attributes: the professional scientific text, the scholarly and the popular science lecture study. A look at the different conventions Still makes clear, for example, the bandwidth versions of scientific expression is common and acceptable.

Specialized texts
Scientific texts, such as essays, term papers, theses or dissertations study differ in the complexity of the issues addressed in the methodology and its target group. Correspondingly different requirements for size, research commissioned, scientific precision and situation awareness of the research are provided.

Common features can be identified in spite of this differentiation:

All the scientific texts are characterized by a high information density, because they want to transport with little space requirement as much as possible compact knowledge. Through the use of nouns, you can reach this density of information. The scientific study of mainstream film is no longer busy attacking the Hollywood ideologue. It deals rather trying to differentiate and specify, how exactly are negotiated content / ideologies in the movies.

Hollywood's popularization strategies include the use and combination of socially relevant topics, but which are only successful when used in complex "negotiation".

In scientific essays can be found more frequently than in other scientific texts, significantly more self-referential text commentary, so that readers can follow easily the condensed representation.

Such commentaries describe intention, purpose or our own process.

An essay about product innovation and internal business growth outlined its own approach as follows:a brief explanation of basic concepts, the focus should be on the consideration of the basic product-oriented strategic policy orientations, two follow-up and a pioneer strategy. The choice of the alternative strategies is largely a result of their own resource allocations, determined in comparison to the competition, and the perception of market opportunities. The consideration is market driven, so the production cost issues fade into the background.

The structure of a study to performance-based remuneration in the public sector, is described as follows: The first step is to draw outlines the theoretical debate. Then we introduce the process and the data basis of our analysis. After descriptive analysis, we report the results of multivariate estimates. Finally, we interpret the results in view of recent theoretical developments and discuss the practical implications of the results.

Community publications at the authors can occur both in we-form in appearance as well as behind the text to resign as a community. But the I-form is under the influence of Anglo-American science texts with increasing frequency. Especially when explaining their own work:

I would now like to propose a change in perspective and illuminate the problem from the perspective of the magazine.

is a mixture of "I" and "we" statements and impersonal formulations:

It should now be told in more detail, which may apply to literary forms in the Christian tradition as the tales. We want to count as a narrative, a manner of speaking, is reported in at the prodigal son, Luke. You can describe this as a hypothetical form of storytelling.

The story loses none of its importance, not only because it deserves historical facts. I do not even know that the disciples asked Jesus, as a storyteller, whether his story is true or not.In scientific papers, which often provide new approaches to the discussion, you can not exclude that future studies come to different conclusions. Therefore, this is where the so-called Hedging a special role: into perspective, the authors apostrophize their results as being due, open to criticism and subsequent corrections.

Scientific lectures

In a scientific paper can be found, as with a presentation, even in the printed form, often the "I" or the "we" as a sign of direct communication with the listener / reader. The address of the listener / reader are also common in scientific papers rhetorical questions:If the efforts of linguists before the German language as the language of science, a similar tragedy, such as the American linguistics? One technique that can be traced back to the traditions (verbal) rhetoric is the use of pictorial expressions and metaphors. After all the author takes the liberty of a scientific lecture, trends and outcomes to be assessed unambiguously.

Popular science studies

Popular science texts often lead their readers through stories, anecdotes or examples in their subject matter.

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