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Select a "teaser" to start your text, one which causes curiosity and thus activating the receptiveness of your readership. Avoid lurid formulations like exaggerated, emotionals and values.

Preface your text with a quote, one that leads the reader to the topic: All art has a social dimension by linking it to each one exploring ways to strike back into society and other social reality to them. With this quotation starts a scientific essay about the practice and theory of art therapy.

Topicality / Relevance

Start with a current result by lecture facts, numbers and circumstances: Eating disorders are considered difficult to treat. With rate of mortality of 5-16% is the most severe psychosomatic disorder anorexia nervosa among girls and young women.

You can also describe a current situation in order to dismantle the relevance of your studies:

In public perception, especially the hedge funds are the most dazzling of all institutes of the international finance markets. On the one hand with great chances of winning them are connected, on the other hand, they are always made responsible for turbulence in financial markets. Thus, they are as it were the epitome of all real and avoidable mistakes in the financial markets.

The relevance of a topic is not only because of its actuality but can be shown in its basic meaning. So a study of indications of a stationary psychotherapy starts with the following preliminary considerations:

Before starting the therapy you have to decide if the therapy should be ambulatory, partial inpatient and inpatient and whether it should be conducted as rehabilitation measures or hospital treatment. You have to choose between behaviour therapy and psychoanalytic based therapy procedures as well as between group sessions and individual therapy.

Furthermore you can give historical reasons for the relevance of this topic: in the medieval time, women rarely claimed the right to rule and reign supreme under their own name.
This sentence introduces you to the biography of Empress Mathilde (1102 - 1167).

Results / Facts / Situations

The statement of findings, the presentation of facts and the description of situations can not be sharply separated from each other, but both are suitable as a text entry. Such a description of flaying representations added in the 16th and 17 Century in the following finding one:

In 1500, the human flaying - more precisely, the flaying of men - a central theme of the religious image as the profane art.

Historical facts open up a study on the art of ballet:

In the second half of the 17th Century achieved the art of ballet as both elliptical and abstract, and figurative and sculptural expression - as, or silent poetry, painting in motion 'at the court of France, Louis XIV Sun King `peaked.

A contribution to the development of an HIV inhibitor is initially represent the situation of research:

Hardly a pathogen has been explored in recent years as intense as the human immunodeficiency virus HIV. Yet it is still undefeated.

Controversial entry

A provocative statement backs up your claim from beginning to the attention of your readers. So you can start with a message or information, which arouses opposition.

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