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"Projekt Netzwerk Schreibtischtäter 2.0" is an information network between artists / musicians, student associations, event organizers and associations.
The goal of "Projekt Netzwerk Schreibtischtäter 2.0" is a long-term and future-oriented platform that is free of charge and without fixing a contract available.

"Projekt Netzwerk Schreibtischtäter 2.0" is not intended as a reservoir of data. Much more we structured "Projekt Netzwerk Schreibtischtäter 2.0" alone for the purpose of the information flow.

Besides the newsletter, we have set up a Twitter and a Facebook account in which you can at any time log in and log out. Moreover, it is open to anyone to use the "Projekt Netzwerk Schreibtischtäter 2.0" live chat, to socialize or work together to find solutions to problems or just to discuss various things.

In future times we will launch several projects as part of "Projekt Netzwerk Schreibtischtäter 2.0" projects in which we both "Doppelpunkt Popliterature Magazin" and the "Doppelpunkt Popliteratur Videoblog" will be integrated.

The "Doppelpunkt Popliterature Magazin" is published every three months and has a current circulation of 100,000. It is a print on demand project in which everyone can participate in short and long term.

With the "Doppelpunkt Popliteratur Videoblog" we create a platform where everyone can introduce themselves or their project in short articles.

Of course we are aware that we can not react in the "Doppelpunkt Popliteratur Magazin" prompt on social and cultural events. Therefore we have called the "Doppelpunkt Popliteratur Newsticker" to life.

"Projekt Netzwerk Schreibtischtäter 2.0" is a demand project that is available at no cost for everyone and only with and because of you successful!


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