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The procedure

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To represent your approach, you must name your material, discuss methodological approach to sketch the construction work.

You can work through these issues one after another or combine them in your presentation.

The material

To identify the material means that you explain what texts, sources, objects, facts and studies are used for work and what areas have you counting.

The structure

To describe the structure of your work, sketch the steps of your investigation in their sequence, but also the relationship between the individual steps.

The results

At the beginning of her remarks, referring to its findings. This lends strength of your arguments. If your readers know the target of the investigation, they can more easily identify each new step in the argumentation on the way from the central question to answer.

You can follow all the building blocks of initiation in a continuous text each other and it helps to separate only by a new paragraph each other or they hold in individual sub-items:

Problem of advancing research

It is crucial that your introduction offers a compelling entry, clearly identifies the problem, explains the procedure and indicates the results.

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