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Since objectivity and neutrality are regarded as supreme commandments of scientific work should also serve the language of science to these objectives. The linguistic means must therefore allow for an objective, clear, neutral presentation. Why were these "three bans" a long time: Metaphor ban, I - Prohibition and stories - Prohibition as a guarantor of scientific precision. Recent scientific texts can be seen, however, that these standards are certainly not universal. The language of science is full of hidden metaphors rooted in mathematics and linguistics, the power of the energy, the strain in biology, the data source in computer science.The I - Prohibition has, linguistic studies have demonstrated how, in the last thirty years eased considerably, especially under the influence of Anglo-American science texts. It has been shown that scientific texts provide not only facts, but the researchers comment on their own texts and also qualify, weaken their results in order to protect it against possible objections, or keep them open for future new insights.Also, the ban applies only to a limited narrative: for example it is in medicine, psychology, anthropology, or in the historical sciences quite narrative passages as examples or illustrations of the case history of a research project.

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