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Step 1
Know what you need to include. Biographies all follow a similar outline. They contain information about a person's life, usually in chronological order. If you want to write an interesting biography, you must still ensure that you include all the necessary parts of a good biography, including birth place and birth date, family information, major achievements or accomplishments, major life events, influence on society and death place and date.

Step 2
Find an interesting way to present your biographical information. Now, what you don't want to do when you're writing a biography is list the information blandly. No one, not even the person your biography is about, will be interested in a drab rendition of his life's events. Instead, you need to come up with a way to grab your reader's attention and keep them captivated throughout your biography.

Begin your biography with a really interesting statement. Consider giving a little-known fact about the person, telling about a critical moment in that person's life, or stating a famous and compelling quote from that person. It's got to be something that draws the reader in. And it can come from any point in that person's life -- birth, childhood, adulthood, and even death. Whatever you do, don't start your biography with "John Smith was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1870". Your readers will be snoozing before they get to the second paragraph.

Step 3
Finish your opening paragraph. Now that you've drawn in your readers with a strong opening, make sure that you tie it to the rest of the information in your opening paragraph. You'll need to link your statement somehow to your introductory sentence by making your opening sentence relevant. Discuss how this affected the person's life, or how influential this moment was to the person's life, or something of that nature. Include a few sentences about the relevance of your first sentence, and then go on to introduce the person in your biography and outline the topics you intend to discuss in your biography.

Step 4
Continue the momentum in the rest of your biography. Once you have a strong opening paragraph, you need to continue that same momentum throughout the rest of your biography. Make every paragraph interesting. Avoid writing stark facts that don't contain any bulk. Try to write it more like a novel than an essay or an assignment. Use lots of adjectives and descriptive words to portray your focused person as the interesting and significant person that they were (or are). To do this, include lots of interesting details in your biography. If you're allowed, throw in some great pictures with strong captions to keep your reader informed and interested in your topic. And end your biography with a paragraph that summarizes the main points of your biography. Along with an interesting title page, your biography will definitely earn you a high mark.

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