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The problem

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The outline of the problem is to explain to readers in the introduction, the question to which it will go into their work. Therefore, your introductory sentences should as quickly as possible lead to its central question.

Question / Objective

Be clear about that behind every topic that you investigate an open question is that you provide an answer in their work. The audience must be familiar with the central question. So the argument can be followed step by step: from the question about the evidence to answer.

Just like you can connect your question with a definition of terms, also can be linked to goal setting and leading questions.


In a deductive study, you need some knowledge to form hypotheses. You have made certain observations, made different assumptions or interpretations found in research that need to be checked. Whether these answers are true, proves the research process. After completion of the research process you will know if and how evidence can be your hypotheses. According You lead your readers on the basis of their research question and the preliminary hypotheses about the evidence and arguments in response.

Research outline

The reader usually expects that the introduction of a longer scientific work, gives an overview of the research. Only scientific and medical works of the state of research in the introductory chapter are presented in detail. Here, all publications are mentioned which are important in the subsequent discussion. You make the connection to your own subject by an overview of the state of research highlight important research directions and name tag clearly.

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