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If you want, that your work is perceived in the internet work, choose a catchy, accurate title and use brief possible formulations that contain only the important keywords. Imagine your prospective readers: the selected title enticed to read the work?
By a subtitle, you can specify additional aspect of your research.

A study titled honor killings may be the attention of colleagues to be sure.
Renames it in practice but similar delinquency of West German criminal justice borders then set up the investigation.

Make sure that your main title already contains relevant information you can add to in the subtitle. Do not repeat in the subtitle, in modified form, your subject.

If you are looking for a title for your thesis project, make sure that you are in formulating the subject not set unnecessary. You need to know exactly what question you want answered in your work, but the official was notified by the Examination Office allow leeway for possible theme variations.

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