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The textual framework

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One of the main problems in writing is to transfer the unfamiliar scientific text into a familiar one, in which as well as the research positions your own results flow in. For writers it is often difficult to develop their own writing-plan. But writing a draft plan is crucial to the successful production of an argumentative text.

Therefore, the first step in producing a text is to determine an aim. For example we want to describe a scientific issue, or develop a chain of reasoning? Do we want to discuss controversial research positions or to develop a more specific approach? Do we cause - effect link investigate or describe historical phenomena? We define different texts depending on goals and put our text strategies targeted specifically determined according to different specifications.

Next we ask ourselves: What should act in the text? The topic we can put in a heading or a question. We print out our first gained wide excerpts and the material for a chapter or subsection of a chapter before us. Now we want to decide which statements / information we take in our text: What is important, what will happen in the text?

The following text production begins with the definition of the key element that formulate the most important information, insights and observations. For each important statement we formulate a core set. For every thesis we formulate a key element. Per subitem - or for shorter work per chapter - we should set three up to four sentences.

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